Gwen’s bootcamp, hands down, the best!

John Hodge
Participant Review | Male | Brooklyn, NY

Bootcamp Aerobics helped me turn around the downward spiral that happens to a lot of people once they start working a desk job. When I was in school, I played intramural softball, flag football, basketball, went to the gym, played racquetball and took spinning classes. Once I started working, I didn’t make the time to do these activities as I once did and started gaining about 5 pounds a year. You don’t notice it at first, but then one morning I woke up and my shirt collars couldn’t close, then my suit jackets couldn’t button, and then my pants couldn’t button. Gwen held a personal fitness assessment with me and had me run stairs, do push ups and sit ups and I was shocked to see how out of shape I had become. From that day, I joined Bootcamp Aerobics and lost over 30 pounds. It inspired me to live a more active life style. I participated in BCA 2-3 days per week, ran in Prospect Park 1-2 days and played basketball once per week. I was able to get up to 10 miles jogging in Prospect Park.

Anytime I catch myself slipping, 2 weeks of BCA gets me back on track.

LeVar Burke
Participant Review | Male | Brooklyn, NY

Bootcamp Aerobics with Gwen Ro was exactly what my life needed. It was the right mix of intensity, camaraderie and fun to keep me motivated and coming back consistently.

Mikhel Anderson
Participant Review | Male | Brooklyn/Queens/Manhattan, NY

With Bootcamp Aerobics I’m striving for something that no one can take away. If you take away the car, the house, the jewelry or whatever represents status to the masses, at the core I only have me. Since attending Gwen’s class, I’ve not only lost over 40 lbs but I’ve learned to put me first. All day yesterday my skinny jeans were sagging and I smiled every time I hoisted them back up! I’m being the best for me and giving my body what it needs, all thank to Gwen!

Melodie Noel
Participant Review | Female | Brooklyn, NY