Over 3 years ago I tore the tendon completely off the bone while doing a heavy flat bench press. My spotter was day dreaming and I refused to give up on benching the almost 400lbs that my ego decided was a good idea to attempt. My ego and my shoulder haven’t spoken since…
Two months later I had surgery and 6 months after that, I was cleared to do light weights. I could barely bench 135lbs without a feeling extreme discomfort in my shoulder (I suppose a lot of it was psychological).
I was forced to find alternative work outs, and that’s when I came across Gwen Ro’s bootcamp. The class focused on calisthenics and body weight exercises. This allowed me to build my strength back up while also improving my cardiovascular fitness. In hindsight, my shoulder injury was the best thing (fitness related) that has happened to me. I am 15 lbs lighter, lower body fat percentage(from about 18% to fluctuating between 7-10%) and I have increased my strength in pretty much every area. While I have not attempted to bench anything greater than 315 lbs, I do so for multiple reps and with relative ease…and I have no desire to go higher (although my ego is whispering in my ear)…yet.

Wayne Farquharson
Participant Review | Male | Brooklyn/Queens/Manhattan, NY

After much prodding by friends to attend Gwen’s bootcamp, I finally caved in and attended. Great decision on my part. Since attending, I have noticed positive changes in my body and strides towards my fitness goals. As a typical male, most of my individual concentrations have been towards weights and strength exercises. Gwen and her class has reminded me the importance of cardio, core exercises and other lessons forgotten from early training days. In spite of the large size of the class, Gwen is always available and visible, observing proper form by her students. Her bootcamp is a staple in my weekly health and fitness routine.

Christopher Washington
Participant Review | Male | Brooklyn, NY

Bootcamp Aerobics(BCA) has gotten me back on track to reaching my fitness goals. Gwen has been an inspiration to me. Her class is challenging yet fun. Gwen provides the right motivation and encouragement. Gwen is a wonderful instructor and strong team leader. I have got a way to go before I reach my goal but I am sticking with Gwen Ro.

Tawayna Dobie
Participant Review | Female | Brooklyn/Queens, NY

I remember when Gwen first started her program and it were just a few participants. When I look at her program now and how it has expanded, I can say I’m proud of my trainer. It’s a great program that not only teaches you discipline and strength; it motivates people to become healthier. Even though I do not attend like I use to, having such a great trainer, instilled in me the desire to exercise and eat well even outside of the program. I’m so proud of what this program has become. Best bootcamp ever!

Sincerely S.
Participant Review | Female | Brooklyn, NY