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  1. I was born in Trinidad. I left there when I was about 8 years old.
  2. I have 7 siblings. I am neither the youngest nor oldest.
  3. I had a growth spurt in the ninth grade. I’m finally 5’0.
  4. I have freckles. I get them from my mother.
  5. I am in a relationship. Have been for years.
  6. When I was younger I didn’t like my voice, I thought it was too deep. Now… I embrace it.
  7. I love watches; so much so that I create my outfits around them. Shoes are a very close second to watches.
  8. My philosophy on friends is that true and overall friends are quite an anomaly but I have been lucky to find a handful of them.
  9. When I was a teenager into my early twenties, I used to model. I was featured in 24 magazines.
  10. Currently, my highest level of formal education is bachelors, I graduated sum cum laude and was a multiple dean’s list recipient. I am working on my third degree now. I am quite a nerd.
  11. I self taught myself graphic design(started with a mentor), web design and video editing(just started). So, yes, I do all of my own websites, pretty much do all of my flyers and I do very little of my videos(my friend Doc does most of them).
  12. I used to own a marketing communications and branding company, where we helped small-medium sized businesses with their marketing, advertising, operations and start-up initiatives.
  13. I use to own a model development firm called the Fresh Face Project.
  14. I have been in the fitness industry approximately 12-13 years. I started out as a front desk receptionist.
  15. I am certified through NASM and AFAA.
  16. I created a fitness program, through CUNY, at Medgar Evers College called Bootcamp Aerobics. While there, my program served well over 5,000 men, women and children and had an average attendance of 65.
  17. I had a two-page feature in Black Enterprise Magazine for my community impact in terms of health, fitness and innovation.
  18. I, now own a fitness/wellness based company named GRo Fit(which stands for Gwen Ro Fit) and am the sole creator of the GRo Fit Party (glow, drenched and the like).
  19. I workout 3-4 times per week and used to do jiu jitsu twice a week, but I have recently taken up aikido instead.
  20. I do not take supplements, I do not diet, nor am on a some sort of strict eating regimen. But I am very conscious of what I eat… I do not eat pork, beef or fast food(i.e. McDonalds). When I cook, I predominantly steam, bake or broil. Some of my cheat moments will include things like doubles(it’s a Trini thing), ice cream, cheesecake and… french fries… I love french fries.
  21. Some of my random general pet peeves are (i) when people complain about things but make no efforts to change them, (ii) when people refer to my time as being busy… like, what do you expect me to be doing nothing?, (iii) big egos or condescending personalities… I break those down real quick, (iv) lateness… time is the most valuable commodity and last but certainly not least (v) lack of professionalism… how you deal with not only your clients/customers but how you deal with colleagues or other professionals says an abundance of things about you… your reputation is gold.
  22. Personality wise… I am what you would consider a thermostat and for the most part, I have an internal locust of control. I have a gift of getting people together, albeit to work together or just to congregate. I am not cocky or conceited but I am quite confident in myself and my abilities. I am easy going, structured, analytical, results-driven and success-driven.
  23. Some of what I believe in is… (i) if you want something, work for it, (ii) if you don’t know something, learn it or network with someone who does know it, (iii) the quality of your habits will eventually determine the quality of your life and (iv) whatever it is… stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.
  24. All that I do, I first do, because I love what I do. I am passionate about helping enhance people lives, through fitness and overall motivation.

Geez, I hope I didn’t spell anything wrong… (that’s a personal pet peeve) LOL |